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Manage procurement of goods and services required for BP4TP operations including the Parade and Festivals. Coordinates all the major vendors, licenses, and permits of Pride in collaboration with the Festival and Parade committees. These vendors include, but are not limited to: tents, tables, chairs, stages/platforms, radios, golf cars, decorations, port-a-potties, barricades, security, sound, and visual needs. Permits and licenses include but are not limited to ISD building permits, ISD fire permits, alcohol licenses, entertainment licenses, and others. Ensures the best value for money and robust contractual arrangements

QTBIPOC Advancement Fund

A driving effort of the organization that intentionally centers, builds, and uplifts QTBIPOC people through: 

  • Developing a sustainable investment arm of BP4TP that provides resources and navigation to QTBIPOC groups and organization recipients of the fund.  

  • Providing forms of professional, planning, organizational, and relationship development to fund recipients


Oversees the planning, organization, and delivery of the Pride parade. Organizing the parade is a 10 month long process that takes a lot of heart and attention to detail. Supports the training of the group marshals, updates the yearly handbook, reviews registration forms, designs the route and line-up, and answers emails.


Ensures effective external communications about the organization and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities. Support the execution of the communications plan that promotes a positive public image of BP4TP. Educate BP4TP on ways to maintain and increase a positive and united image. Track any and all media and pursue the better image of BP4TP. 

Festival & Events

Supports with the creation of, coordinates, and manages the festival and events, and oversees the logistics. They work throughout the year to help produce BP4TP events. They design and manage the layout of festival areas (family, youth, and affinity spaces; vendor and sponsor layout). Works with Operations to coordinate vendors for the infrastructure (tents, toilets, sinks, etc.), and with Accessibility to ensure the layout is as accessible as possible. Works with the Volunteer Engagement Manager to ensure events are appropriately staffed, and manages the volunteers during the events. Festival + Events  oversees the entertainment and block-party subcommittees.


In partnership with the Finance Team, help guide the fiscal growth and stability of BP4TP. Facilitate income, resources, or other benefits that come to BP4TP. This can include partnerships, merchandise sales, registration fees, grants, and other types of fundraising campaigns. Works closely with Communications to execute fundraising needs, marketing campaigns, media relations, etc.

Volunteer Engagement

Supports the recruitment for and communication with volunteers for all events. Works closely with event chairs and BP4TP staff to recruit and assign volunteer roles and responsibilities. Supports the set up for  the Volunteer Village for signature events such as the Parade, Festival, and Block Parties.  Ensures that each major event has enough volunteers. Supports the maintenance of the volunteer training portal and/or system. Support the running of  volunteer training meetings a month ahead of the Pride weekend.


We are looking for volunteers to support the activities of the Entertainment Committee. The Entertainment Committee is responsible for coordinating stage entertainment for the Boston Pride Festival


Some of the activities you would be supporting:

  • Sends out and reviews entertainment applications

  • Prepares contact lists for acts

  • Creates stage lineup and run of show

  • Contracts for the A/V and stage set up

  • Works with volunteer coordinators, stage managers, and logistics

  • Writes emcee script

  • Coordinates day of operations


People who enjoy music, stage performers and Audio/Video tech may find this committee to be a good fit.


Works to ensure BP4TP events are accessible to, and inclusive for, as many people as possible; offers potential solutions based upon research, best practices and actions on how to make BP4TP events as inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. Engages in key discussions and outreach with external stakeholders to appropriately hear and capture the needs of the community.   


  • Maintains a contact list of ASL interpreters with LGBTQ+ sensitivity

  • Works with ASL vendors to add interpretation services at events 

  • Actively participates in accessibility needs for communications

  • Work collaboratively with Parade and Festival + Events committees to provide accessible events and services to those who need them

  • Develop recommendations and initiates implementation for accessible areas for the festival, parade, and block parties/beer gardens.

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