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Boston Pride For The People has instituted a number of measures to make the Parade and Festival as accessible and inclusive as possible.  

Near public transportation. The Parade staging area, the Festival on the Boston Common, and the Festival on City Hall Plaza are each located directly near a T stop.  

Paved paths. The Parade and both Festival locations are accessible.  All vendor and community group booths, as well as food trucks are only along paved paths. 

Accessible viewing areas. There are designated accessible viewing areas at the Parade, Festival on the Common, and Festival on City Hall Plaza. Please see map here of the parade route with accessible viewing areas. The accessible viewing areas at the Common and Plaza are near the stage, tented, and offer chairs. 

ASL and Deaf interpreters. Both the Main Stage on the Boston Common and the Plaza stage will have ASL and Deaf interpreters, in addition to a designated area for members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. 

Vendor sign visibility. All vendors have been asked to have two signs: one hanging from the table, and one hung at least 5’ off the ground on the tent back wall or awning. 

Quiet tent.  A quiet tent is located far from the stage at the Boston Common, away from crowds for those needing respite from overstimulation.

Porta potties. Accessible porta potties are available at all event locations.  Porta potties are in multiple locations for easier accessibility.  

Length and duration of Parade. In order to make the parade more accessible to participants and spectators, the parade route has been shortened and each contingent is limited to 75 participants. The length of the parade is 1.7 miles. 

Accessible parade staging area. The accessible parade staging area is located near the T stop, accessible porta potties, and the first aid tent. Groups with accessibility needs will be positioned in the front section of the parade to reduce waiting time at the staging area. 

Event Software.  Whova, the event software, features maps and information to facilitate ease of mobility. You can access our 2023 event on Whova here.

No tickets necessary. Both the Festival on the Boston Common and on City Hall Plaza are free and open to the public.  

COVID precautions.  BP4TP is adhering to current guidelines issued by the CDC and the MA Dept. of Public Health.  No masking is required to participate or attend BP4TP Pride events.  Please be mindful that many among us who are  immunocompromised suffer a greater risk of contracting COVID, as well as other communicable diseases. Respect people’s space as requested. A masked-only space is available for participants who would like to socialize away from crowds at the Festival on the Boston Common. 

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