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Communities can only be as ethical and caring as the institutions and businesses that comprise them.  Businesses are composed of the people and families that live in those communities. Genuine allies make their business practices compatible with ethical behavior and create business networks and systems that value social justice. Toward this end, we view conversations with corporations as opportunities to educate on the practice of genuine allyship.  Genuine business allyship plays an essential role in building and sustaining communities that safeguard the welfare and dignity of all people. 


Boston Pride for the People welcomes sponsorships and partnerships with ally businesses and corporations that are committed to supporting LGBTQ people in their struggle for social justice.  We acknowledge that rainbow washing and the over-commercialization of Pride events harm LGBTQ people, especially those among us who are most disadvantaged.  Boston Pride for the People takes corporate social responsibility seriously and therefore reviews all potential corporate sponsors and partners using four assessment instruments:  1) Data for Progress & Zero for Zeros (to identify corporations who donate to anti-LGBTQ and anti-reproductive rights legislators); 2) As You Sow (racial equity tracker); 3) The HRC index; 4) Violation Tracker & Corp Watch.

Planning a Pride event that is among the very largest in the country requires substantial resources.  The board and organizing committee are composed entirely of volunteers, so all funding is dedicated to essential operational needs:  permits, porta potties, stage, sound, lights, security, insurance, tents, Wi-Fi, etc. Being selective when choosing corporate sponsors presents a fundraising challenge. We welcome donations and fundraising assistance to help us cover expenses.  

Corporate LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are not the same as corporate sponsors.

LGBTQ ERGs are employee groups that provide resources to their LGBTQ employees. The goal of LGBTQ ERGs is to provide support, improve employee inclusion and engagement, address inequities, increase diversity, and improve employee retention. ERGs are welcome to march in the Pride Parade. Because the Boston Pride for the People Parade is considered a sacred space, ERGs are asked to promote the mission of their group, not provide marketing for their companies. 

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