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Date: Saturday, June 10, 2023


Start time: 11:00 AM



  1. Parade begins on Boylston Street 

  2. Turn right onto Clarendon Street. March past St. James, Stuart, Columbus Ave, Appleton, Warren.

  3. Turn left onto Tremont Street. March past Waltham, Hanson, Milford, Dwight

  4. Turn left onto Berkeley Street. March past Warren, Appleton, Columbus Ave, Stuart, St. James

  5. Turn right onto Boylston. March past Arlington.

  6. Turn left onto Charles Street. March past Public Garden on left, Boston Common on right.


Formation Area: 

Parade formation takes place in Copley Square in Boston. Specifically:

Boylston Street, from Clarendon to Massachusetts Avenue.


The purpose of the Boston Pride For The People Parade is to commemorate the brave LGBTQ+ people who risked their safety to advocate for the lives and humanity of LGBTQ+ people, to celebrate the richness and complexity of LGBTQ+ community, and to continue to advocate for equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people, especially those who face intersecting forms of oppression. The BP4TP Parade is a sacred space for LGBTQ+ people, their families, and allies. The BP4TP Parade is a community-centered, non-commercial space.

Who should apply for registration:

  • LGBTQ+ student groups and other educational community groups

  • Community groups and nonprofits who support LGBTQ+ welfare, LGBTQ+ culture, and intersectional social justice advocacy

  • LGBTQ+ employee resource groups (ERG’s) or affinity groups

  • Politicians and their supporters

  • Individuals

  • LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, and entertainment spaces


Parade Fee categories

A. Community Group or Non-Profit - Annual Revenue under $500K

B. Non-Profit - Annual revenue of $500K-$5Million

C. Non-Profit – Annual revenue of $5Million+

D. Small Business – fewer than 50 employees and/or <$5Million in revenues

E. Employee Resource Group of Large Businesses (Greater than 50 employees and/or greater than $5Million in revenues).


See parade rules here.

Registration for the 2023 Parade has closed.

If you have questions or comments regarding the BP4TP 2023 Parade, please contact

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