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The safety and well being of everyone participating in the BP4TP Parade and Festival is of highest priority of the organizing committee of Boston Pride For The People. We acknowledge and honor that the Stonewall Riots, the historical origin of Pride, were in response to police harassment of LGBTQ+ people, especially those who were trans, nonbinary, and people of color.  We are also aware that due to the political climate, attacks on LGBTQ+ people are on the rise.  

Boston Pride For The People has been working closely with safety professionals and we have a safety plan in place for responding to various potential situations. The BP4TP safety team has been meeting with the LGBTQ+ liaisons at the Boston Police Department (BPD) on an ongoing basis, as well as attending LGBTQ-related security briefings on the city, state, and federal level.  BPD, along with other safety staff, will be providing security throughout the event. The safety of all is our top priority. We look forward to celebrating Pride with you on June 8th! 

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